The Texture of Space and Its Aura | Amsterdam University Press Journals Online


The article explores the extent to which objects in real life, as well as those involved in the sphere of artistic space, are capable of being a source of an aura. The aura revives an object, it sends an emanation of a certain state of spirit (Plotinus), gives rise to vivid impulses, excites the imagination of the viewer and engages him in an unaccountable dialogue with the object. The human meanings of being expressed by art are fundamentally indecipherable, that is, they cannot be translated from the "coded" language of art into the language of already familiar concepts. The texture of a work of art can be described in detail. Meanwhile, the aura is verbally inexpressible. The tense relationship between the specific texture of a piece of artwork and its aura, as well as the different forms of this relationship, is the subject of the author's research.


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