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Amsterdam University Press (AUP) introducing Conference Proceedings offer

AUP, an established and leading publisher of academic books, journals and textbooks in the Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) is introducing the Open Access publication of Conference Proceedings to its programme. AUP’s Conference Proceedings Series offer a qualitative, fast, and efficient publication service to conference organizers specializing in HSS. 

Why publish a Conference Proceedings?

Conference proceedings allow researchers to present and share a first version of the results of their ongoing research to their fellow researchers. AUP publishes these papers in Open Access (OA) on a professional platform, which allows for maximum visibility and discoverability of the ongoing research work, including  submission to major indexes such as Web of Science and Google Scholar.

The trajectory in short

  1. You start with a research paper, 
  2. Which is presented at a Conference. 
  3. Then, a selection of papers for the proceedings takes place, including peer review and plagiarism checks. 
  4. As a result, the research papers are published as a collection (proceedings) in OA, 
  5. Enjoying the benefits of optimal visibility and discoverability.

Benefits for the research community

  • Increased readership, usage and citation, as a conference paper will be freely available online in Open Access not only for the conference participants but for a far wider and more diverse audience.
  • Submission of a paper to relevant indexation databases thus maximising discoverability.
  • Publication by a leading University Press, assuring the integrity and academic quality of the proceedings. 

Benefits for the conference organisers

  • The organisers, often institutions or societies, can benefit from publishing the proceedings as it creates additional awareness, prestige and value to the conference. 

Proceedings’ services & major indexes

As part of our proceedings package AUP ensures a professional and permanent hosting of your proceedings, plagiarism checks of all papers, registration of ISBN and DOIs, submission to major indexes incl. Web of Science: Conference Proceedings Citation Index, Google Scholar, EBSCO, CrossRef, DOAB, and ProQuest ExLibris Primo. 


The Publishing fees for the services provided by AUP are split between the onetime set up costs of 895 Euro plus a fee per paper according to the number of accepted submissions. For a detailed overview of the fees per paper,  please contact Vanessa de Bueger at: [email protected].

Proceedings Proposal

Should you wish to publish a proceedings with us or if you have any further questions, then please send an email to Vanessa de Bueger at: [email protected]

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