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Library FAQs

1. General

Does the platform meet global accessibility standards?

We have aimed for WCAG 2.0 AA compliance with the Web Accessibility Initiative recommendations (WAI) and compliance with Section 508 Amendment to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Can I use the platform on mobile devices?

Yes, the platform uses adaptive design and can be used on all devices: desktop, tablet and mobile phones.

Can I use the platform with cookies or JavaScript disabled?

We recommend leaving cookies in place for the best possible user experience. Access to the site is possible with either cookies or JavaScript disabled, though some functions and content may not be available.

Do you offer KBART files?

Yes, KBART files are available in here

2. Access and authentication

What authentication methods do you support for end users?

The platform supports login with IP authentication, Shibboleth and OpenAthens.

Can I log in via Shibboleth?

We are part of eduGAIN, which allows us to authenticate customers from around 60 Shibboleth federations. 

Can I check or update my institution's IP ranges?

You can see and update your IP ranges in the Admin portal.

How can I set up access via OpenAthens?

To set up access for your institution through OpenAthens, please contact [email protected] and provide your Athens identifier. We will add this to your account. 

Is the platform secure via HTTPS?

Yes, we are using HTTPS. This means all communications between your browser and the website are encrypted.

3. Admin portal

If I don't have an admin account, how can I create one?

If your institution subscribes to our journals and your institution has no admin account, please contact our team at [email protected].

Can my institution have more than one administrator registered?

The admin portal of the platform requires one institutional administrator. This institutional administrator will be able to add a variety of admin roles to the institutional account.

What can library administrators do with their account?

The account will give you access to the admin portal. The admin portal will allow users to see all holdings and download COUNTER reports, add colleagues to admin roles. All settings with regard to access (IP ranges, usernames, Shibboleth settings) as well as link resolvers settings can be seen here.

How do I see which resources my institution has access to?

Once you are logged as an institutional administrator you will have access to the admin portal. The portal will show you all holdings that your institution has access to.

How do I access usage reports on the platform?

Libraries can access their existing reports, including COUNTER 5 reports, in the Admin portal.

How do I access my SUSHI credentials?

Customers can find their SUSHI information by logging on to as an administrator with their username and password. The SUSHI credentials are at the bottom of the Counter 5 reports page. If SUSHI has not already been enabled, the administrator will need to select 'Enable SUSHI reports' to get their credentials.

What is the URL for SUSHI Counter 5 reports?:

The information on SUSHI Counter 5 reports can be found here:

The Counter 5 SUSHI URL is:

Which Counter 5 reports does the site offer?:

The site offers the following Counter 5 reports:
 PR_P1, TR_J1 to TR_J4, and IR_A1.

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