The Church in the Village of Krym and Its Place in the Architecture of Don Armenians | Amsterdam University Press Journals Online


The research of peculiarities of the architecture of a less-studied monument of architecture of Don Armenians, the church of Amenaprkich (All-Savior) in the village of Krym (Topty), 1895-1902, is aimed to the understanding of its place in the architecture of Don Armenians and in the shaping of the Armenian style of the Modern Time. The analysis of the composition and decoration of this church reveals bright talents of its anonymous architect. The singularity of this monument provides it a special place on the background of the development of Russian, and Armenian architecture. On one hand, the typology of the church in Krym is a simplified model of the inner composition of the Ejmiatsin Cathedral. On the other hand, its façade decoration has the most similarity to the Surb Karapet Church in Nakhichevan-on-Don. Borrowing a rare feature of the façade design of a drawing from the album by D.I. Grimm makes the church in Krym related to this monument of Nakhichevan-on-Don, testifies to the popularity of this album of drawings of Armenian and Georgian monuments. The creative search for a new language of Armenian architecture by architects and customers was complicated with the development of several style trends in the country, which enriched the palette and scope of creative searches. Amenaprkich is an example of the development along the path of incrementing the features of traditional Armenian-Georgian architecture to the Classicist and generally eclectic Russian architecture of the period in question.


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