Looking for Jing Hao. Centering on the Art Investigation of Taihang Mountains and New Interpretation of Jing Hao's "Kuanglu Tu" | Amsterdam University Press Journals Online


Grand Canyon of Taihang Mountains is a world-famous mountain and river, an outstanding landmark in the history of Chinese landscape painting and a model of artistic creation. It has epic praises of the motherland's beautiful schematism, known as the "Taihang Spirit" in history. According to Jing Hao's tour of the Grand Canyon of Taihang Mountains and the prototype mountain range of the handed-down work "Kuanglu Tu", this article focuses on the cultural connotation. Combined with Jing Hao's "The Writing of Brushwork", this article comprehensively explains the Taihang Mountains and the literati's writings of the famous mountains and rivers of the motherland. The author records the process of "Looking for Jing Hao" through fieldwork. And Jing Hao's handed-down work "Kuanglu Tu" and his "The Writing of Brushwork" are the most representative combination of theory and practice from the later Tang Dynasty to the Five Dynasties, which inspired the author to go back to the Grand Canyon of Taihang Mountains for field investigation and sketching, to interpret the process from theory and practice, and to explore the traces of Jing Hao's activities. This article is of great influence on painting history and painting theory.


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