National Cultural Identity: a Study of "Shao Music" in the Period of Yu Shun | Amsterdam University Press Journals Online


"Shao Music", also known as "Xiao Shao", eulogized Shun's benevolence, which was the main way for Shun to "subdue Youmiao". Confucius praised him for "giving benevolence all over" to make Youmiao obedient. However, it was puzzling to use Ganqi dance to make Youmiao retreat. Qu Yuan also confused about the reasons why Ganqi dance can make Youmiao obedient. From the perspective of national cultural identity, this paper analyzes and studies the connotation, form, function and value of Shao Music in the period of Yu Shun with the help of ancient books, and human beings can realize Yu Shun's moral and political concept in ancient times through Shao Music. The "music education", "ruling the world by virtue" and "cultural identity" contained in Shao music are the inexhaustible spiritual and cultural wealth left by Yu Shun.


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