This article is dedicated to the creativity of the Ukrainian composer Alla Zagaykevych (b. 1966). She is the author of various works in contemporary art music genres. The presence of various verbal programs is the peculiar feature of her instrumental compositions. In the quality of verbal basis lines of poems, plots of literature works, different visual impressions etc. are used. From the point of view of the role of a verbal plot two chamber compositions by Zagaykevych are analysed. These works show the composer's interest in the spheres both acoustic and electroacoustic music. At the example of "Gravitation" for two cellos the specific of an ontological verbal plot realization is examined. "Friend Li Po.." for guzheng/bandura and electronics presents using of a psychological verbal plot. Generally, specific of verbal program causes the selection of compositional techniques, texture, structure, methods of tone-painting etc. in these works.


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