Discussion on the Singing Artistic Characteristics of the Mongol Nationality Vocal Work | Amsterdam University Press Journals Online


This paper makes a superficial study on the artistic characteristics of the singing of "Anser Cygnoides", a vocal work of ethnic minorities, from the aspects of its origin, its spreading and singing status, its singing technique processing and analysis, and its practice in personal graduation concerts. Starting from the creation background of "Anser Cygnoides", the author at first composed improvisations to express the feeling of homesickness for Dan Bijia larsen, the third son of the living Buddha. The combination of the lyrics of "Anser Cygnoides" also conveys a deep feeling of homesickness. Now, it adopts old tunes, creates lyrics by Lv Yanwei, and is sung and widely sung by Hu Sileng. It is even selected and interpreted in many different versions by many satellite TV programs, which is popular among the public. It further enables people to understand the essence of Mongolian culture, which is also of great significance to the inheritance of Chinese culture. It also focuses on the ethnic singing treatment of "Anser Cygnoides", the need to pay attention to its reasonable voice position, articulation treatment, voice control and strength of the embodiment of a detailed analysis. Finally, the author interprets and discusses the practice of singing in person concert, and thinks that special attention should be paid to the singing of "Anser Cygnoides" with "conveying emotion by voice" and "bringing along the voice through breath" and giving full play to the subjective imagination to enrich the interpretation of the work.


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