Research on the Application of Coloratura in Hu Tingjiang's Adapted Vocal Music Works. Taking "Youth Dance" as an Example | Amsterdam University Press Journals Online


Coloratura singing skills come from the West. As the tone is very similar to lark's singing, it is also called "lark singing skill". With the development of the times, China's national vocal music shows a trend of vigorous development. Hu Tingjiang is one of the well-known young contemporary composers in China, and is also a leading figure in contemporary national coloratura creation. The folk songs he compiled combine contemporary fresh elements and bold creative techniques with the national characteristics of Chinese local folk songs, opening up a new development path for the creation of Chinese national vocal music. Taking one of Hu Tingjiang's masterpieces adapted from "Youth Dance" as an example, this paper explores the application of Western coloratura singing in Chinese song creation, and also studies how to use it as a carrier to express the inner spiritual value of one's national music materials.


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