The Missing History of the Shanghai Stock Exchange (1904-1941) | Amsterdam University Press Journals Online


With the background of foreign concessions in Shanghai as a result of the Treaty of Nanjing and subsequent treaties between China and Western powers, the Shanghai Stock Exchange (1904-1941) was established by foreign businessmen (mostly British) in Shanghai. This foreign Shanghai Stock Exchange symbolises Western capitalisation in China and deserves the attention of economic historians to investigate its function in semi-colonial Shanghai. However, due to constraints in available archives and difficulties in utilising multilingual research materials, the history of the foreign Shanghai Stock Exchange has been untold. Among the inchoate existing literature on stock exchanges in Shanghai, literature in Chinese lays focus on Chinese stock exchanges while literature in English dismisses the foreign stock exchange from the broad context of financial capitalism in China reflected locally in Shanghai. This paper aims to bridge the scholarship between Chinese and English on this topic and put forward the future direction to digger into this important but missing piece of economic history.


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