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The 5th International Conference on Art Studies: Research, Experience, Education (ICASSEE 2021)

At the plenary session of the conference, three main subject areas were identified, which later formed the structure of the proceedings: “Artistic activity as a phenomenon”, “The issues of artistic expression in contemporary culture”, and “Contemporary issues of artistic education”. The section “Artistic activity as a phenomenon” includes 24 articles devoted to studying the phenomenon of art through the analysis of musical art, architecture, and the screen arts. In this section, the authors introduce previously unknown facts about individual works of art and reveal new and unexpected details about the history of art, its modern development, and the relationship between different types of art. Most of the research presented in this section is interdisciplinary, focusing either on the synthesis of different types of art, or on the connection of the artistic activity with philosophy, psychology, history, and religion. The plurality of viewpoints about art is testified by the diversity of creative manifestations of the Infinite.

The second section entitled “The issues of artistic expression in contemporary culture” consists of 16 articles that discuss practical application of the knowledge of art history. The articles in this section are divided into two blocks. In the first one, artists, designers, and performing musicians aim at summarizing and systematizing their practical performing experience, mistakes and creative achievements. The value of this material is undeniable, since the masters of art themselves discuss the issues of art, being the key participants in the creative search of new forms, directions, content, and performance techniques. The second block of articles is also related to the performance practice in art, but in terms of designing artistic space and studying the art market and the impact of industrial design, digital technologies, and advertising on creativity. The analysis of the practical issues of the social functioning of art and the conclusions substantially contribute to a better understanding of the modern performing art practice.

The main subject area of the articles in the third section of the proceedings is the development of artistic education for the young and its role in ensuring harmonious cultural development. The authors of the articles discuss the problems of artistic education caused by the transformations in the modern cultural space, emphasize the importance of maintaining the creative function of pedagogy, and raise questions related to teaching methods in artistic education, focusing on both academic (e.g. Sculpture, Directing) and new disciplines (Digital Media Art, Art Design, etc.).

The editorial board of the proceedings sought to preserve the originality of the author's position in each article and the novelty of concepts, providing the reader with the opportunity to generate new ideas and meanings in a dialogue with the researchers.
Prior to being selected for publication, all articles included in the proceedings were carefully reviewed by experts.

Let us express our gratitude to all the authors for their invaluable contribution to the work of the conference. Without the work of dozens of people who have devoted incredible mental, organizational and financial efforts in order to make the conference happen, the publication of these proceedings would have been impossible. We especially thank Amsterdam University  Press for our collaboration.

Prof., Dr. Galima Lukina  (Editor In Chief)

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