European Journal of Theology

Aims and Scope

The European Journal of Theology welcomes articles on any area of theology by evangelical theologians. It especially encourages submissions by European authors working in Europe, more specifically those outside the Anglo-Saxon and German regions.

Peer review

All articles are double-blind peer-reviewed and each issue contains numerous book reviews. The intended readers are teachers in theological schools, other theologians, ministers and students.

Contributions are welcome in French, German or English; contributions in other languages (especially Spanish and Russian) will be considered for occasional publication. 

Please consult the Submission Guidelines and Instructions for Authors before submitting your article.


Klaus Bensel, Staatsunabhängige Theologische Hochschule, Basel
Hans Burger (review editor), Theologische Universiteit, Kampen
Pavel Cerny, Evangelikální teologický seminár, Prague
Leonardo de Chirico, Istituto di Formazione Evangelica e Documentazione, Padua
Stephen Dray, Bakke Graduate University, Dallas
Gert Hain, Braunfels
Knut Kåre Kirkholm, Fjellhaug University College, Oslo
Tatiana Kopaleishvili, Tbilisi
Gert Kwakkel (editor in chief), Theologische Universiteit, Kampen
Pieter Lalleman, Spurgeon's College, London
Hetty Lalleman, Spurgeon's College, London
Roman Soloviy, Eastern European Institute of Theology, Liviv
Christoph Stenschke, Forum Wiedenest
Berthold Schwarz (review editor), Freie Theologische Hochschule, Giessen

Editorial board

Torleiv Austad
Paul Helm
Peter Kuzmič
José Martinez

Editorial office

Rev. Dr Pieter J. Lalleman
Spurgeon’s College
South Norwood Hill
London SE25 6DJ
email: [email protected]

Books for review should be sent to:
Dr J.M. Burger
Associate Professor of Systematic Theology
Broederweg 15
8261 GS Kampen
Email: [email protected]

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