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Computational Communication Research


The journal Computational Communication Research publishes articles at a continuous publication rate, also known as 'rolling publication'. CCR aims to publish at least fifteen articles per year. In 2022 19 articles were published, and on average in the past three years about 13 articles were published per year.

Open Access

Computational Communication Research (CCR) is fully open access. All articles are available for download, free of charge, immediately on publication. There is no subscription fee and there is no mandatory article processing charge. We thank our sponsors for making this possible!

Copyright & License. Authors retain the copyrights to their works. Articles are published under the CC-BY license, which means that anyone is free to download, distribute, adapt, and build upon these works, even commercially, as long as they credit the original creation. See the CC-BY 4.0 license terms  for more information.


Founding Gold Sponsors
Network Institute VU University
Amsterdam School of Communication Research University of Amsterdam 

Founding Silver Sponsors
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Center for Information Technology and Society UC Santa Barbara
Computational Communication Science Lab University of Vienna

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Working articles

As explained in our review policy, we encourage authors to publish a preprint of their manuscript once we reach the "intend to publish" stage. Working articles are preprints of the papers that are currently under review that we intend to publish assuming that any outstanding issues are resolved. Please note that these papers are not accepted yet and there is no guarantee that they will be eventually published in this journal.  

Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement (also found in the Editorial Guidelines)

CCR is archived through Portico and the Dutch Royal Library (KB).

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