History of Creation and Publication of Songs by Chopin | Amsterdam University Press Journals Online


The article examines the history of the creation and publication of Chopin’s songs. It has been known for the fact that according to the testament of the composer, all unpublished compositions were to be burned, however, fortunately, his friends insisted on their conservation and Julian Fontana collected many versions of songs, edited and published them in 1859 under the posthumous opus 74. Certainly, the song works by Chopin were episodic and in comparison with the other genres, more than modest, but it does not diminish its values; Chopin himself collected and edited songs, preparing for their publication but now we know his songs partly in reconstructions. They all are grouped around three stages of his life: youthful experiences, his emigration and passion to Maria Wodzińska and George Sand. The genres, defining the stylistic specificity in the songs, were primarily the mazurka in all its varieties, and the ballad. Chopin’ songs are characteristic and diverse, and their interpretation puts very difficult tasks for the performers, despite their seeming “lightness”.


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