Boris Asaf'yev's Unpublished Marginalia in Modest Musorgsky's Manuscript Full Score of Boris Godunov | Amsterdam University Press Journals Online


The subject matter of this article is related to the initial stage of the history of studying Modest Musorgsky’s orchestral style. The first scholars who got access to the composer’s manuscript full score were Boris Asaf’yev and Pavel Lamm. They edited the full score of the opera Boris Godunov for the première, which took place in Leningrad, at the State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, on February 16, 1928. It was the opera’s first performance in the author’s original orchestration after a half-century interval. Two short but fundamentally important articles by Asaf’yev, as well as his marginalia in the manuscript full score, opened a new stage in the scholarly and artistic perception of M. P. Musorgsky’s orchestral dramaturgy and orchestral style.


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