The Design Element in Nature — the Diversified Research of Clouding Pattern in Graphic Art | Amsterdam University Press Journals Online


As a common decorative element in modern art design, clouding pattern shows the art changes of historical and cultural trends, human social features and folk customs with its rich and diverse patterns. Clouding pattern constructs the visual feeling with characteristic style in the changes of various dynasties, and is the most important art design element of Chinese traditional decorative art. Clouding pattern will give people further thinking in the process of visual communication. At the same time, the unique beauty of clouding pattern has been inherited and continued in many years of design. Therefore, the inheritance and diversified development of clouding pattern beauty plays a very important role and significance in design. Through the application of clouding pattern in graphic art and case analysis, it is found that the current aesthetic significance and modeling rules enable the traditional Chinese graphic art to be better used in modern art works, improve the connotation of works, and promote national art and culture.


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