Illustration is something closely related to life, which appears everywhere. It is exquisite, diverse and fashionable, and can be found on various objects. It is both a commodity and an art. There are a large number of classic allusions and legends in Chinese traditional culture that have been refined and redesigned by modern designers, being given new styles. The nine-color deer of Dunhuang culture is such a classic legend. After redesign, there are a large number of picture books and illustration products about it; however, the product type, quality and consumer groups are not satisfactory. This design takes the nine-color deer series illustration design as the research theme, and conducts research and exploration on the origin, history, current situation, advantages and disadvantages and prospects of the nine-color deer in commercial illustrations and Dunhuang culture. The author combines the professional design knowledge he has learned with the drawing style of modern illustrations to design a series of illustrations that have a wider audience, high economic value and good dissemination, without losing the classic cultural charm and collection value.


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