On the Problem of the Formation of Tutoring Functions in the Old Russian Singing Pedagogy | Amsterdam University Press Journals Online


The article is devoted to the consideration of the formation of a number of the most important functions of musical tutoring in the old Russian singing culture. The main meanings of the term "tutor" in the domestic culture are revealed: a teacher who helps a student to acquire the necessary knowledge, prepare for the exam; an experienced specialist who conducts group or individual rehearsals with actors, vocalists, dancers (theater teacher-tutor). The prerequisites for the emergence of tutoring in the old Russian singing art are investigated, some tutoring functions within the framework of professional singing education are analyzed, namely conduct of additional classes within the school walls or private lessons in order to "pull" to the level of necessary training; preparations for tests; rehearsals with soloists, learning vocal parts, parts of roles; correcting the shortcomings of timbre and musical hearing, individual tutorial work; enhanced training of new singers and preparation of musical and theatrical liturgical projects.


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