Reflection on the Role of Sketch in the Teaching of Sculpture | Amsterdam University Press Journals Online


Sketch is essentially to create the vision of a three-dimensional physical space on a two-dimensional plane. Its "three regularity" principle contradicts the observation method of the sculpture major, which is not conducive to the development of correct observation habits for students. Modeling ability training through clay sculpture courses is more direct and effective. Canceling sketch courses in the lower grades, allowing students to get in touch with sculpture as soon as possible and make them master the observation methods and modeling methods of the sculpture profession, can minimize the negative impact of pre-examination education. Compared with sculpture, sketch is a convenient and quick art form. Putting sketch courses in the senior grades and adopting the method of short-term homework can give full play to the advantages of sketch in exploring artistic language, expressing creative intentions and collecting creative materials.

Keywords: Sculpture ; Sketch ; Teaching.


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