Analysis on the Creation Characteristicsof One-act Plays. Taking Courses of Directing Specialty at Junior Year, Yunnan Arts University as Examples | Amsterdam University Press Journals Online


Taking the creation characteristics of one-act play as the research objects, this paper explores its short and concise drama structure and flexible creation methods, makes an overall grasp and specific analysis of its curriculum learning of director major in the junior year, and summarizes the adaptation methods of scripts and the methods of stage presentation in the creation of one-act play. In terms of structure, this paper systematically sorts out the creation track of one-act play in many aspects, such as script creation, story adaptation, performance methods and so on. From the four elements of "event", "object", "music sound" and "picture", it is required to master the basic skills of constructing contradictions and conflicts, and the ability to deal with central events. Also, it is necessary to use music sound to highlight the key points and arrange the stage scenes, and then fully understand the concept of the director's function.


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