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Tijdschrift voor Classici

Aims and scope

From its foundation in 1968 the journal's objective has been to establish a dialogue between academic classicists and those teaching Classics in secondary schools and others interested in the world of the ancient Greeks and Romans in all its aspects, including its reception throughout the centuries. Lampas publishes a large variety of contributions, from original research to overviews of the current state of scholarship in the field, and from thematic issues and articles on current topics of interest to educational contributions suitable for classroom use.

Peer Review Process

Lampas uses a double-blind peer review system. Because of the intended (Dutch-speaking) readership of Lampas, we prefer contributions in Dutch. Because of the international character of academia, these are prefaced by a summary in English.

Editorial office

Contributions can be submitted for review by email to [email protected].

Before submitting a paper for review, please download and read the Instructions for Authors.

Editorial Board

dr. Rutger Allan, Ancient Greek language and literature, VU University Amsterdam
dr. Lucinda Dirven, Ancient History, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
dr. Jaap-Jan Flinterman, Ancient History, VU University Amsterdam
dr. Lidewij van Gils (chair), Latin, University of Amsterdam
dr. Mark Heerink, Latin, University of Amsterdam and VU University Amsterdam
dr. Michiel van der Keur, Latin, University of Groningen
dr. Hugo Koning, Classical Languages, Stanislascollege Delft
drs. Marijne de Ferrante-Molenaar, Classical Languages, Leiden University
dr. Remco Regtuit, Ancient Greek language and literature, University of Groningen)
dr. Sofie Remijsen, Ancient History, University of Amsterdam
dr. Frederik Bakker, Ancient Philosophy, Radboud University Nijmegen

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