Disharmonious designs: Colour contrast and curiosity in Jane Campion’s ‘In the Cut’ | Amsterdam University Press Journals Online
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An analysis of colour in Jane Campion’s (2003) finds that the juxtaposition of red with its complementary colour green maps the visual connections and intercommunications of the female protagonist Frannie Avery and her sister Pauline. The chromatic schema of juxtaposes red and green hues in a practice which makes each appear more vivid against its complementary colour. The visual effect of colour contrast inflects the protagonist’s perception of the city as it participates in the organisation of the image composition and highlights minute details that might otherwise remain on the periphery of the frame and narrative. This colour design offers nuance to the film’s imagery beyond its capacity to draw the viewer’s attention to the female body.


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  • Article Type: Research Article
Keyword(s): colour; green; harmony; Jane Campion; red
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