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Global Vietnam

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E-ISSN: 2950-1903

GLOBAL VIETNAM is the first and only Journal that is dedicated to engaging (with) Vietnam alongside global studies, taking into consideration local, global, transnational, transcontext, and trans/inter/multidisciplinary complexity, significance and relevance. It nurtures, introduces and features high quality scholarship crossing the social sciences, the humanities, the arts, and education in Vietnam-Global contexts, as well as through interdisciplinary and comparative approaches, themes and analyses that place Vietnam in dialogue with the world. The Journal is responding to the growing and dynamic world of Vietnam scholars. In this spirit, the Journal aspires to be a forum for new scholarship that is enabled and inspired by and arising from ever-evolving movements, encounters, and interactions among individuals, peoples, communities, ideas and forms of knowledge in the world and Vietnam’s links with the world across time and space. Read more...

Editors: Phan Le Ha (Universiti Brunei Darussalam and University College London) and Liam C. Kelley (Universiti Brunei Darussalam)

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