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Tijdschrift voor Nederlandse Taal- en Letterkunde

 Journal of Dutch Linguistics and Literature

Aims & Scope

TNTL (Tijdschrift voor Nederlandse Taal- en Letterkunde / Journal of Dutch Linguistics and Literature) publishes articles in Dutch and English in the area of Dutch studies. Contributions on language and literature cover a broad spectrum of diachranic and synchronic subjects from the Middle Ages to the present. The journal is aimes at an international public of scholars and other interested readers. 

Peer Review Process

TNTL publishes articles in the area of Dutch Linguistics and Literature. Each article is checked by the editors upon submission to  see if it fits the scope and mission of the journal. If the editors decide that the article is eligible for peer review it will be sent to two (anonymous) external referees for a review report. The editors will decide on the basis of these reports whether the contribution will be rejected or accepted for publication pending any revisions based on remarks or suggestions made by the referees.

Before submitting an article for review, please download and read the Instructions for Authors.

Editorial office

Editorial secretart: Marc van Zoggel
Address: Huygens Instituut der KNAW, Postbus 10855, 1001 EW Amsterdam,The Netherlands
E-mail: [email protected]


Dr. Lieke van Deinsen, Catholic University Leuven
Dr. Jeroen Dera, Radboud University Nijmegen
Dr. Kornee van der Haven, University of Ghent
Dr. Mike Kestemont (online), University of Antwerp
Dr. Bram Lambrecht, University of Ghent
Dr. Freek Van de Velde, Catholic University Leuven
Dr. Hans Van de Velde, Fryske Akademy & Utrecht University
Dr. Martine Veldhuizen, Utrecht University
Dr. Fred Weerman, University of Amsterdam
Dr. Marc van Zoggel (editorial office), Huygens ING

Editorial board

Dr. B. Besamusca (Utrecht)
Dr. L.M.E.A. Cornips (Amsterdam)
Dr. P. Couttenier (Antwerp)
Dr. D. De Geest (Louvain)
Dr. R. Howell (Madison, WI)
Dr. M. Hüning (Berlin)
Dr. A.B.G.M van Kalmthout (Amsterdam)
Dr. M. Kemperink (Groningen)
Dr. J. Konst (Berlin)
Dr. E.J. Krol (Prague)
Dr. M. van Oostendorp (Amsterdam)
Dr. H.-J. Schiewer (Freiburg)
Dr. A. van Strien (Amsterdam)
Dr. M. Van Vaeck (Louvain)
Dr. B. Vervaeck (Louvain)
Dr. R. Willemyns (Brussels)

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