An Equal Music. Experimenteren met pommers en sackbuts. Een interview met Luk Nielandt | Amsterdam University Press Journals Online
Volume 26, Issue 3
  • ISSN: 0779-7397
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In his research project An Equal Music, oboist Luk Nielandt has studied the connection between old instruments (pommers or shawms as precursors of the oboe family) and new instruments (the modern oboe). His focus is on the professional reed players who appropriate the old instruments to suit their own purposes. During the research, renowned pommer builder Fritz Heller, among others, taught musicians how to build a pommer for themselves. Jan De Maeyer and Boudewijn Buckinx composed new music for the older instruments, with which the intensely involved musicians gave concerts. The research project ended in 2017, but Nielandt is still exploring many new, unknown paths. Promoter of the research project Eugeen Schreurs will engage in a talk with Nielandt and trombonist Jan Smets.


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