Aims & Scope

The peer-reviewed academic journal Pedagogiek (Pedagogy) aims to stimulate and support the scholarly discourse on child rearing, education and training within the Dutch language area (The Netherlands and the Flemish region). Pedagogiek strives to contribute to the scholarly debate, but also desires to boost the public debate on the subject of child rearing, education and training. Therefore, contributions will be judged explicitly on both their scholarly merit and their social relevance. Pedagogiek offers:

  • scholarly articles reporting on empirical, theoretical and historical research in the field of child rearing, education and training, and review studies in the same field;
  • opinion pieces on a scholarly level (panel discussions);
  • book reviews.

The journal Pedagogiek publishes three issues a year:

  • One regular issue with review articles, a column, panel discussions and book reviews.
  • Two themed issues with ca six articles. Recent themed issues were: Welbevinden van homoseksuele vaders met een kind via draagmoederschap (2018), Naar een juridische verankering van meerouderschap en meeroudergezag? (2018), Opvoednetwerken van migranten (2017) Het evidence-beest en de normativiteit van opvoeding  (2017).

Peer Review Process

This journal uses double-blind peer review for the selection of articles for publication.

Before submitting an article for review, please download and read the Instructions for Authors.

Editorial office

Dr. F.B. van Rooij
Universiteit van Amsterdam
Child Development and Education
Postbus 15780
1001 NG Amsterdam
Email: [email protected]

Editorial board

dr. Joep Bakker (Chair; Board), Radboud Universiteit
prof. dr. Henny Bos (Board), Universiteit van Amsterdam
prof. dr. Doret de Ruyter, Universiteit voor Humanistiek
dr. Lisette Hornstra, Universiteit Utrecht
prof. dr. Jan Masschelein, KU Leuven
prof. dr. Louis Tavecchio, Universiteit van Amsterdam
dr. Wouter Pols, Hogeschool Rotterdam (book reviews)
dr. Bruno Vanobbergen, Universiteit Gent
dr. Diana van Bergen, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
dr. Chiel van der Veen, Vrije Universiteit
dr. Floor van Rooij (Board), Universiteit van Amsterdam
prof. dr. Wiel Veugelers, Universiteit voor Humanistiek

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