Effectieve interventies om arbeids-marktdiscriminatie te verminderen tijdens de werving en selectie: een Delphi-studie | Amsterdam University Press Journals Online
Volume 24, Issue 3
  • E-ISSN: 1388-1302



Labor market discrimination limits the opportunities of minoritized groups on the labor market. Despite increasing research into labor market discrimination, a shared picture among researchers and policy makers about effective interventions to mitigate labor market discrimination is lacking. This Delphi study aims to come to a shared picture about the most effective interventions to limit labor market discrimination according to nineteen (scientific) experts in the field of discrimination and inclusion in recruitment and selection. Interventions that were judged predominantly positive related to: 1) objectifying the selection procedure via de-identification of CVs, structured interviewing, and selection based on objective criteria; 2) changing and adhering to the social norm of non-discrimination; 3) increasing awareness of stereotypes and prejudices in combination with offering a perspective for action; and 4) long-term contact with the minoritized group through internships. More information about the candidate and short-term contact by means of, for example, speed dates was judged ineffective. Based on the results of the Delphi study, several recommendations are made to practice to reduce labor market discrimination during the recruitment and selection process.


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