Gebruiksaspecten van het uitroeppartikel wat in het Nederlands en Fries | Amsterdam University Press Journals Online
Volume 136, Issue 4
  • ISSN: 0040-7550
  • E-ISSN: 2212-0521



Both Dutch and (West) Frisian make use of the exclamative particle (‘how’), that adds an element of surprise about a high degree of something to the semantics of the sentence. In this paper I will first show the similarities between the use of the particle in the two languages. I will demonstrate that, in Dutch, its use is largely confined to constructions that are semantically scalable, whereas in Frisian this restriction is far less strict. I will explain the difference by showing that Dutch is a syntactic amplifier of lexical phrases, whereas Frisian has developed into a pragmatic amplifier of the core predicate. I will try to account for that difference by showing how homophonous words absent in Dutch are likely to have influenced the use of Frisian , and how Dutch prosody strengthens the connection between and the amplified lexical phrase, whereas Frisian prosody weakens it. Finally, I will show that the system described as ‘Frisian’ is occasionally found in varieties of Dutch too


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